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Empower Your Kids With Chores

Successfully completing a task produces feelings of competence and enhanced self-esteem. When children are able to independently achieve a task their confidence will improve and their willingness to try new things will increase, resulting in learning and the acquisition of new skills. We started practicing chores with my now 5 year old when he was 3. Current tasks he is responsible for in the home include setting the table, clearing his spot after meals, making his bed, making his breakfast, putting his clothes in the hamper and emptying the hamper into the washing machine on laundry day, bathing himself, combing his hair, getting himself dressed, taking items out to the recycling bin, returning his lunch box to the refrigerator when he comes home from school, and feeding/walking/help with training the dog. Is he always excited about completing these chores? Not at all, but doing so helps him understand that everyone in the family plays a role and must do their part each day to help the family.

There are many great resources on age-appropriate chores out there. I have included one of my favorites below.

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