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Program Syllabus

I.     The Three Sectors

II.    Goal Setting & SMART Goals

III.   Crafting Your SMART Goal Statements

IV.   Time Blocking for Productivity

V.    Positive Affirmations: A Pathway to Self-Belief & Motivation

VI.  100 Affirmations

VII.  Habit Stacking: Creating a Daily Ritual for Wellness

VIII. Daily Process Questions: Enhancing Your Productivity & Well-Being

IX.   The Importance of Living in Alignment with Our Values

X.    Personal Values Clarification Worksheet

XI.   The Impact of Belief Systems on Motivation

XII.  Self-Sabotage Behavior & Deservingness

XIII. Identifying Core Wounds & Core Fears

XIV. The Art of Practicing Self-Forgiveness

XV.  Final Reflection & Self-Appreciation Letter

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