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Learn more!

Stressed Man

Men's Counseling

Are you a man struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship/ parenting issues, or just a general loss of direction?  Do you feel like you are lacking purpose and meaning in your life?  Has the daily grind and a mountain of responsibilities left you feeling exhausted and constantly stressed out?  Read more...

Couple's Shadow

Relationship & Couples Counseling

Are you having a difficult time in your relationships?  Are you feeling distant and disconnected from your partner/spouse?  Do you experience constant misunderstandings and feel like you and your partner are never quite on the same page?  Are there significant issues of trust in your relationship that prevent you from feeling emotionally safe?  Read more..

Virtual Conference

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is offered for clients who may live out of state, unable to make it to the physical office location, or just prefer the comfort of their home.  Virtual coaching can be done individually or with multiple people/family members.  Read more..

Teenagers in Nature

Adolescent & Teen Counseling

Do you have a child who is going through a difficult time?  Perhaps you have noticed they are not as happy or outgoing, more isolative and withdrawn, or more irritable and angry.  You notice they smile less and worry more.  Have they stopped engaging in activities they once enjoyed, experienced a major shift in who they hang out with, or become much more secretive?  Read more...

Family At Church

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps family members improve communication, solve family problems, understand and handle special family situations, such as death/loss, illness, divorce, infidelity, etc., and create a better functioning home environment and family unit.  Read more...


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy has been proven helpful in increasing self-esteem, reducing anxiety, depression, and blood pressure, improving self-control, enhancing social skills, increasing trust and empathy, and can be particularly beneficial for children who are uncomfortable with therapy or have difficulty accessing emotions and/or expressing themselves in traditional talk therapy.  Read more...

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