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Adolescent & Teen Counseling

Do you have a child who is going through a difficult time?  Perhaps you have noticed they are not as happy or outgoing, more isolative and withdrawn, or more irritable and angry.  You notice they smile less and worry more.  Have they stopped engaging in activities they once enjoyed, experienced a major shift in who they hang out with, or become much more secretive and confrontational with people in their life?

Such behaviors can all be considered a normal part of adolescence, but may also be an indicator of a greater underlying issue.  Regardless of why these things are happening, teenagers always need help and support navigating the many challenging aspects during this phase of their life.  Parents often feel lost in knowing how to best support their children during rocky, developmental shifts, and as a large part of adolescence is discovering identity and developing increased independence, teenagers are not always open to feedback and suggestion from their parents.  



How can my child benefit from adolescent counseling?

Adolescent counseling provides teenagers a safe, nurturing, and neutral space to explore a variety of developmental issues they may be dealing with, including identity formation, anxiety, depression, bullying, difficult social/romantic relationships, trauma history, drug and alcohol use, healthy communication, conflict resolution, and changing family dynamics.  These years in a child's life can be extremely challenging as they learn to navigate a changing world and better understand their evolving role and relationships in that world.  Pressures such as school, work, friendships, divorce, and grief/loss issues can significantly impact the way a child sees himself/herself and can have a profound affect on their self-worth and self-esteem. 


Counseling normalizes these experiences and provides adolescents the tools necessary to maneuver these current situations, and future situations they will inevitably face later in life, in a more graceful, capable, and confident manner.   When a person feels competent and empowered they are able to better handle adversity, make healthier choices, and have more meaningful relationships and connection with others.  As parents, these are the things we want most for our children.  

Do you have more questions about how your child would benefit from counseling?  Reach out to me here.  

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