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Men's Counseling

Are you a man struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship/parenting issues, or just a general loss of direction?  Do you feel like you are lacking purpose and meaning in your life?  Has the daily grind and a mountain of responsibilities left you feeling exhausted and constantly stressed out?

You are not alone.  Many men wrestle with these issues daily, all too often in silence, and without the support they deserve to shift their lives.  Imagine how it would feel to wake up feeling lighter, more focused, less stressed, anxious, and angry.  Imagine how it would feel to be more satisfied with your life, job, relationships, and self.  

Men’s emotional health issues are unique and specific.  Historically, society and media has projected male gender role expectations focused on being strong, aggressive, and bold.  These expectations yield pressure to fit into a stereotypical role that is not inclusive of all men.  In addition, many of these cultural gender norms result in the promotion of toxic masculinity, the adherence to traditional male gender roles that consequently stigmatize and limit the emotions boys and men may comfortably express, resulting in the suppression of healthy emotional expression and reinforcing antisocial relational behavior.  


Learning how to be more connected to these feelings and comfortable acknowledging, accepting, and expressing them, dramatically improves relationships, builds self-esteem, reduces stress, and increases happiness and overall life satisfaction.  


Together we are ready to contribute to the solution of outdated gender norms of males being too tough, too strong, too capable and too busy to engage in vulnerability, do deep emotional work, or be present for family relationships. The world will be a better place when we offer these opportunities for growth and expression to men, fathers and children.  

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