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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Xena is a Certified Therapy Dog available to provide animal-assisted therapy.  Animal-assisted therapy has been proven helpful in increasing self-esteem, reducing anxiety, depression, and blood pressure, improving self-control, enhancing social skills, increasing trust and empathy, and can be particularly beneficial for children who are uncomfortable with therapy or have difficulty accessing emotions and/or expressing themselves in traditional talk therapy.  


Xena has her own unique story of healing and transformation.  She was rescued after being found chained to a lawnmower in the backyard of an abandoned house.  After spending eight months at a shelter she was adopted  and shortly thereafter began her therapy training.  The day after completing her training she was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery to remove a tumor.  Her journey, characterized early by themes of abandonment, rejection, distrust, and pain, proceeded by overcoming, healing, and achieving a new sense of purpose in life, serves as a relatable story to many individuals seeking counseling.  

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