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Becoming a father changes every facet of your life overnight.  Suddenly you have someone else who is dependent upon you for each and every need.  Fatherhood changes your relationships- your relationship with your partner, your friends, your job, and yourself.  It changes your identity, the very core of how you see yourself as a human and how you exist in the world.  In my work I have found most men don’t always have the resources and support to deal with these sudden, unexpected changes.  Without adequate support fatherhood can shift from something that can be awe-inspiring, empowering, and beautiful into an experience that is terrifying, lonely, and results in feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.    



I created the Fostering Fatherhood program to offer support to men and fathers of all ages and in all stages of life.  Designed as a workshop retreat, the program brings together a group of men to explore and heal numerous issues related to fatherhood, including nurturing a new child, nurturing your partner post baby, how fatherhood impacts identity, work-life balance, how fatherhood affects your time and freedom, stress about finances, the shift if your relationship with your partner after a baby, how family of origin issues and your own relationship with your dad shapes how you father, and more. 


There is no greater gift a man can give his family than to heal and care for himself, and there is no more powerful way for a man to do this than with the help and support of other men who share his experience.

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