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Welcome to Affirming Words Counseling

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Do you constantly find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, and consumed with worry?  


Have life circumstances left you questioning who you are and what your purpose is? 


Do you feel disconnected from yourself and the people in your life?

Have you found life to be increasingly unmanageable?  



Affirming Words is a therapy practice with the mission of helping adults and adolescents discover identity, define purpose, and find joy in family connections.  Through this connection a person is truly able to discover joy, meaning, and personal evolution that allows them to best nurture and care for themselves and others. 

Life is a constantly shifting and evolving journey.  Nothing really stays the same for long and we are confronted with needing to make changes to ourselves and our circumstances in order to continue growing.  Sometimes making those changes on our own is difficult, either due to fear, confusion, lack of resources, lack of support, or just not knowing where to begin.  


"I feel stressed, nervous, worried, and anxious.  These feelings stop me from doing meaningful things in my life."

Anxiety and worry around normal, stressful situations is a common experience.  However when feelings of anxiety becomes so frequent, intense, persistent, and excessive that they severely impact multiple areas of a person's life it can be very problematic.  Symptoms such as headaches, difficult sleeping, racing, obsessive thoughts, rapid heartbeat and breathing, panic attacks, poor focus and concentration, restlessness, hypervigilance, and irritability can have profound influence on self-esteem, self-worth, and daily functioning.  Anxiety, and its associated symptoms, are usually a result of unacknowledged, unexpressed emotions and can even be related to a greater unresolved issue, such as grief/loss or trauma.  The key to alleviating these anxiety-related symptoms is to identify and heal the core, underlying issues perpetuating such symptoms, and is most effectively achieved through working with a skilled therapist.  


"I feel lost and without any direction or purpose."

Achieving a sense of purpose in your life is a cornerstone of feeling whole, vibrant, and happy.  When we find ourselves floating aimlessly through life without any real mission or meaning we feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied.  These feelings bleed into other areas of our life, such as relationships, work, school, and self-care, creating additional psychological, emotional, and/or behavioral problems.  Through effective counseling you can work to better understand your hopes and identify your true purpose in this life, resulting in increased meaning, joy, personal growth, and overall life satisfaction.    


"My relationships are suffering and I have a hard time being present for others."

When we are struggling with unresolved problems it can be very hard to be there for others.  Demonstrating attentive presence, showing compassion, and devoting time to maintaining relationships can feel exhausting when we are not engaging in appropriate self-care or unable to manage our own issues and life stresses.  In addition to helping with self-care and personal healing, which is integral to having healthy interpersonal relationships, counseling will also assist you in learning how to improve communication, hone listening skills, build empathy, effectively manage conflict/confrontation, and become a better nurturer so you can show up as your best self in all your relationships.  


"My life feels unmanageable right now."

It is a painfully frustrating experience when life becomes unmanageable.  Everyone goes through this at some point.  Emotions of hopelessness, powerlessness, and confusion feel overbearing and you don't even know where to begin.  Responsibilities keep piling up and even the simplest tasks feel insurmountable.  This can be a debilitating time where progress seems impossible and solutions non-existent.  It takes tremendous courage to reach out for help from a professional.  It takes great strength to acknowledge you can't handle everything on your own and to be willing to receive support from others.  You deserve to be happy and feel in control


Thinking you or someone you love would benefit from counseling, but still not sure?  Reach out to me here.  I am happy to answer any questions to ensure you are as comfortable as possible before starting the process.  


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